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We understand Gamification as the application of typical elements of the game playing like point scoring, rules of play, or competition with others to create the engagement needed in the students and motivate them to learn.
We have decided to create a board game and web app to use it by the students and teachers at the schools to learn more about the soft skills that the actual job market is demanding in Europe.

Application of the Design Thinking in international teams to arrive at the solution 

As teachers, we assume that most of the time process is as important as the result, that is why in order to help other schools we want to share with you how we apply Design Thinking to the creation process of the game.

During some of our learning sessions in Beaujolais (France) our students worked in international teams of 5 members (1 from each country) and they followed the basis of Design Thinking to create a prototype of our game and presented it.


Design Thinking has different stages:

  1. Create the team.
  2. Knowing the problem, it arrives at the solution (the idea).
  3. Designing your idea.
  4. Prototyping the idea, let’s make it real.
  5. Presentation of the idea in front of the client.