How to play
Welcome to the online version of the Soft Skills in Retail Game. How good are your soft skills?
Game, Skills, Retail, Managing
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How to play

soft skills in retail app

Web-app version

Welcome to the online version of the Soft Skills in retail game! You are an employee working in retail – and by correctly responding to various situations that emerge during your workday, your store will earn money – or lose it and go bankrupt if your skills are not good enough yet.

How good are your soft skills?

Responsibility – Autonomy – Teamwork – Active Listening – Emotional control – Perseverance – Initiative – Punctuality

The importance of the retail sector
The retail sector is important part of the European economy, accounting in 2011 for 3,6 million businesses. It generates a turnover of 2.6 trillion €, and is employing 18,6 million Europeans or 8,3 % of the Euorpean labour force. Accross EU the sector contributes 453 billion € of gross value added. (Source)

Continuous development of the students and employees’ soft skills is therefore crucial for their competitiveness in the labour market, and is also important for the further development of the retail sector itself.

About the game
The game «Soft skills in retail – the game» was developed during the Erasmus+ project titled «Soft skills in retail». The aim of the project was for students to enhance and develop their soft skills that are needed to be successful in this industry. So far users have completed 15 games, and answered 479 questions. The project was co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, and involved schools from France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Spain.


To play is really simple, just choose your name and a password in order to create an account and enjoy trying to beat your friends! 


The printable version of the board game for everyone.

You can print the board and question cards downloading the files «DIN A3 board» or «DIN A2 board» and «question cards».