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The Collins English Dictionary defines the term «soft skills» as «desirable qualities for certain forms of employment that do not depend on acquired knowledge: they include common sense, the ability to deal with people, and a positive flexible attitude.

Why are so important to know for the students.

The European job market is valuing for several years now that workers are aware of their soft skills. This fact was until now very extended among big companies but after digging and investigating in the small retailers market during the project, we have realized that this is actually being demanded among the retailers too.

We, as teachers, want our students to arrive fully ready for the job market so one of our goals nowadays is to help them in the achievement of the soft skills so they will be totally competitive in all the sides technically and skilly of their preparation for their future.

The most important soft skills for our European retailers.

After working for several months in soft skills our students develop a list of the most important soft skills while working in Retail, these are: Autonomy, responsibility, active listening, emotional control, perseverance, teamwork, initiative, and punctuality.

Moreover, they accord a definition of how to achieve each of them: Autonomy: I always show interest in learning; I know how to proceed and seek assistance when necessary.

Responsibility: I always keep commitments and complete assignments on time.

Active listening: I always listen and accept the opinions of others. I always demonstrate both respectful and helpful behavior.

Emotional control: I can identify my emotions and feelings and I can regulate them.

Perseverance: I consistently persevere and contribute to solving problems.

Teamwork: I always make important contributions that improve the team’s work.

I always help teammates who are having difficulty completing their work

Initiative: I enjoy engaging in new learning activities.

Punctuality: I’m always on time.