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The equipment:

The board game.
Coloured pieces for the players and a six dice.
Questions cards.

Preparation and objective:

The pieces are placed on the starting space at the outside of the spiral. Player with the highest roll of the dice starts.

The Soft Skills in Retail Game is a simple race game with some questions that must be answered to be able to move on – the first player to reach FINISH space wins the game.

soft skills in retail

Playing the Game

Players take turns to roll the dice and move their piece forward according to the roll. Depending on the space the player lands there is an action to be performed/carried out:

If a piece lands on the space of a SHOP, the piece will move to the next shop and the player will roll the dice again (take another turn).
If the piece lands on the space of a QUESTION (?): the player must answer the question correctly to stay in the space; otherwise, the player must go back to the space where the turn started.

There are some hazard spaces, and they are illustrated to match their name, if a piece lands on the space indicated, that piece must follow the stated rule:

9 – The fitting room (picture of two hangers): Stay in (miss) one turn, the shop assistant must tidy the messy restroom and cannot go out for one turn.

26 – The sliding doors (picture of sliding doors): Stay in (miss) two turns, the sliding doors of the shop are broken, the shop assistant cannot enter the shop to work so must wait for two turns until somebody mends the doors.

35 – The thief (picture of a thief): Return the piece to the beginning- start again, some thieves have robbed the shop during the night so the shop is destroyed and empty.


Winning the game

To win the game, a piece must land exactly on the FINISH space.

If a player rolls a larger number, the piece counts the extra points backwards from the FINISH space. If the player then lands on a SHOP space, he/she must continue moving backwards by the amount of the roll until he/she lands on a space with no SHOP space. If the player lands on a question space must answer the question correctly, otherwise he/she will remain in that question space.